Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wait, did I say 3 1/2 pound baby?

The day after this picture was taken, I had my ultrasound, and they discovered that my "little" baby boy is actually weighing in somewhere around 8 lb 14 oz! So this explains why I'm too uncomfortable to move, to sit, to lie down, and to wear anything except my t-shirts and yoga pants. Hahaha!

I just keep telling myself, it could be any day now. I really hope it's any day now. I'm just so ready to have this baby.

My sister in law keeps telling me that this is the time when I should just be taking it easy and resting, but I want to cook! I've been beading a lot, and surfing the internet for interesting beads and jewelry designs, and I've been watching lots of "3rd Rock From the Sun" to keep my mind occupied. Poor Tom has had to take over the grocery shopping for the most part. He went to Plattsburgh this past weekend and came home totally ruffled. The shopping centers in Plattsburgh on the Saturday before Christmas are NOT the places to go if you want peace and tranquility!

So Moose has just been hanging out with me, what a good doggie!, and whenever I feel like I can move, I haul my butt into the kitchen to get a snack or to clean and do the dishes. We had Tom's parents over on Saturday for dinner, and I think we're still trying to catch up on washing the dishes. I didn't think we owned that many dishes!

I'll keep this blog updated as best I can until I have this baby. I just keep telling myself, any day now!

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