Thursday, September 27, 2012

Artisan Colorway Series 2012 by Eva Maria Keiser

I would have posted this yesterday, but a migraine late in the day just derailed all of my working-after-dinner plans...

Yesterday, I was thrilled and honored to be featured in Eva Maria Keiser's Artisan Colorway 2012 Series! She used my Azteca bead embroidered neckpiece as part of her series!

Eva Maria creates some pretty amazing beadwork of her own, mostly three-dimensional geometric designs and free-standing sculptural beaded boxes. Truly artistic and architectural, and it's worth it to spend some time reading her blog and checking out all of her free (for personal use only, please!) tutorials.

So, a huge thank-you to Eva Maria for featuring my work on her blog! Make sure you stop over and read some of her past posts. She's got some wonderful, inspirational posts, links to instructional videos, and loads of information about how to bead!


Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you so much Jennifer for the beautiful write-up. It was my pleasure working with you on this wonderful and unique Colorway :-)
-Eva Maria

Beadwright said...

I saw this on Eva Maria's blog. Yes she creates some amazing pieces, just like you.

Bobbie said...

I saw this, too, and was thrilled to see that you'd gotten the "Eva Treatment", recognizing the beautiful colors and artistry in your piece. Congrats!