Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It was a relief to get back to some beading this afternoon. I'm nearly finished with the triple-herringbone rope with the Chinese stone pendant necklace, so I set that one aside and started working on a new piece.

I've had this beautiful stone pendant for FOREVER, from a wonderful friend of mine. And then I got these huge glass spikes. I had originally thought about using the spikes in a cuff bracelet, but instead, I thought about wrapping them in peyote stitch and making a spiky collar with them.

It's gonna take a while, as my friend pointed out. Each one of those double-ended spike components takes a little over an hour, and I still have to make enough of them to go around a neck and then figure out how to use right-angle weave to connect them.

It felt good to get stuff out of the way this morning and then have the afternoon to sit and bead. I've missed the feeling of the beads between my fingers and the rhythm of the stitches...

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Its All About Creating said...

Where did you get your beading tray?