Monday, November 05, 2012

Where Am I Going?

A couple of weeks ago, I finished my Artist's Way journey for something like the tenth time. I love going through the tasks and readings in The Artist's Way, because every time I do, I find something new in my creative unconscious.

This time, I woke up one morning shortly after completing the last week with this urge to create a bead embroidered doll. I've seen lovely bead embroidered art dolls everywhere in the last few years, and now I want to make one to be a companion for me during my travels and my whole beading journey in general.

I have no idea how to start, but I do have some sweet polymer clay faces that I made with Colden a few weeks ago. Those will probably be a good starting point. And I have a few pieces of Ultrasuede that will make a nice doll...and Lord knows, I have enough polyester stuffing that I've been hoarding in the basement since we moved in back in 2003...

The other adventure upon which I'm embarking is my collaborations with my insanely talented friend, Susan Tompkins. Sue is working on some paintings using Nicole's Beadbacking, my favorite bead embroidery medium, which apparently can be painted on like a canvas. When Sue is finished, she's sending me the pieces so that I can add bead embroidery, bead-weaving, and whatever else I can think of. Maybe some fringe?

It feels as though my direction for 2013 is going to be more explorations with non-wearable beaded art. Beaded dolls, wall-hangings, beaded should be interesting. Stay tuned!


Saturday Sequins said...

Ohhh, I didn't know that NBB could be painted! That's exciting. :)

Also, I think Hearts To Hands Bead Embroidery by Robin Atkins has a section on beaded dolls.

VanBeads said...

Yep, NBB can be painted with regular acrylic paints. My friend has told me that she has finished a few of them and is sending them my way next week... So excited to start working on them!

And I just ordered a copy of Robin Atkins' book - you're like the sixth or seventh person to recommend it to me, so there must be some great stuff in there! :-)