Sunday, June 07, 2009

I can't believe the weekend is over already!

This weekend just seemed to fly by. Crazy. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday, and my band, Sounds of the Northway, played a great gig in Willsboro at Noblewood Park on the shore of Lake Champlain as part of the Quadracentennial Celebration of the discovery of Lake Champlain by Samuel de Champlain. The wind was whipping off that lake, and when it let up a bit, the sun baked us. I alternated between wearing a fleece jacket and wearing a sleeveless shirt. When I got home, I discovered that I had a tiny little bit of sunburn. Not bad, but I have to be more careful. I forgot how easily I burn!

I think tomorrow is going to be a picture day. I removed some work from the Adirondack Art Association Gallery in Essex in preparation for the big show in Glens Falls this coming weekend, and tomorrow I am going to set up my lights and my light tent and take some good photos before I put them out for sale again. I also finished two or three new pieces that I need to photograph before I put them up for sale.

This is going to be another busy week! I've got my final preparations for my new displays to finish up (thanks to Tom!), a few more pieces of jewelry to finish, some photographs to take, some writing to do for, and some freelance work I need to continue. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to the Elizabethtown market this weekend - I might be better off skipping it and staying at home, but on the other hand, it does give me some time to bead outside and a chance to socialize!

I know there was more that I wanted to write about here today, but it's too late, and I'm getting too tired. I think I need to go curl up in bed with Tom and Colden and Moose and see if we can keep warm tonight. (Gotta love the Adirondacks - it's going to be forty degrees and raining tonight, so it's not just chilly, it's DAMP and chilly!)

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