Sunday, July 31, 2011


Before I had Colden, I used to stay up late to work and bead. I would easily stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning, watching movies, beading, writing and just letting myself be creative. Of course, the next day I was almost always able to sleep in - no getting up multiple times each night to change diapers and get milk and juice. And tonight, even though my back is hurting and my body is telling me that it is now time to get some rest, my brain just won't turn off. Tom and Colden are curled up and asleep on the bed in Colden's room, and I need to get to sleep because I have a jillion things to do in the morning, but my brain is trying to pull me into the living room where that big beading project is sitting on my table... Something to do with an imminent deadline, I think.

Let's just cross our collective fingers that my back is better in the morning. I was actually well enough this morning to go to Plattsburgh with Tom and Colden, and then after dinner I managed a walk around the backyard a few times. Of course, there were a couple of times when I missed a step or tried to walk up or down the little hill when I felt that awful twinge, but there was no way I could have done that on Friday!

Oh, well. Uploaded 100 photos of Colden to Flickr. Maybe I'll go set up another set and then get some sleep...


Melanie said...

I am always so impressed when I see that you go to bed at an early hour. I can never seem to get bed before midnight. I hope your back continues to feel better!

VanBeads said...

Melanie, ha ha ha! It's not much of a choice with us - we're so exhausted at the end of the day, we're ready to drop, so whatever doesn't get done just has to wait until the next day, or we won't be able to function! :-) And my back is much better today, thanks. Crossing my fingers that if I lie low for another day, I'll be back to normal tomorrow!