Monday, January 30, 2012

Working It

For Christmas, my dad sent us a bundle of Amazon gift cards. After trying to figure out what to get with them (aside from Colden's new mp3 player), we decided to get some "real" office furniture for me for my living room corner office...

So the other night, Tom and Colden had a little putting-together party, and on Saturday I managed to drag myself out of bed long enough to do...

THIS! My new office setup in the living room! Great light coming in from the front window, and my back to the warm and cozy wood stove. I love it - the printer is up here. My Ott Lite is right above my work space. And I have a real bookcase for storage. I love it!

I was still feeling crappy on Saturday, even after a full 24 hours on the antibiotics, but the sight of the bookcase and desk sitting askew in the living room was too much for me. While Tom took Colden out to practice riding his tricycle, I moved stuff around and got organized. And promptly went right back to bed for a nap!

This morning, I'm glad to say that I'm feeling better. Still a little tired, still a little achy, but not as bad as it was on Thursday and Friday where even my fingers hurt. Glad that I went to the doctor Friday morning, because I do not want to miss this trip to Tucson!

More on my Tucson preparations later...for now, I have to get back to finishing my last two newsletters before I head out on Wednesday morning!

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