Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Beads!

I usually do a post about my birthday, but this year, it seems, it completely slipped past me. That doesn't mean that I didn't have a great birthday - because I totally did.

I'm really not sure why, but I had a little bit of a freak out over turning 38. 38! That means it's been twenty years since I graduated high school. In two years, I'll be 40. Yeah. A little bit of a freak out. Maybe I won't freak out when I turn 40 if I let myself freak out now, right?

But one of the things that made my day so special was this care package that arrived in my mailbox:

 Beads! Lots and lots of beads! Tila beads, gemstone beads, seed beads, crystals, freshwater pearls... All of my favorite things! Also included in the box (but not pictured here) were some lovely sticks for me to bead around. Added to this was also a $25 gift certificate (which I have yet to spend - what is WRONG with me?!) to my favorite seed bead source, Whimbeads.

Back in January, I signed up for this "Birthdays for Beaders" club that someone mentioned on Facebook. It really was fun, and in return, I have to send a care package of beads out to someone on their birthday later this year. (I can't wait - I have such a good time putting together packages of beads as gifts!)

The thing is, I have no idea who sent me these beads. There was a card, but no signature. Just "Your Birthdays for Beaders Buddy". So I have no clue as to who it was that sent me these beautiful, thoughtful beads! I can only hope to do good for my birthday beader later this year.

Tom (and Colden) renewed our membership to the Wild Center (where we haven't been yet since they re-opened in May), and we had a fun dinner with Tom's parents the night of my birthday.

So much more I need to write to get caught up, but I need to keep plugging away at my Battle piece today! I've got ten days to finish this thing, and I'm starting to think that I need to spend an entire day working on it (and staying off of the computer) if I expect to finish it on time.

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