Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Panic Mode

Yup, I'm officially in Panic Mode. I'm leaving for New York City on Friday, taking Monday off so I can travel home at a decent hour (unless I decide to bag it and drive home late Sunday night), and then I'm off from work the following Friday to help out my in-laws, and then I'm off the whole last week of June to take Colden back to the dentist and maybe finish that eBook that I thought I would finish when I took off the whole last week of May!

I've got deadlines up the wazoo, beading projects scattered everywhere, we can't see the dining room table underneath all the beads that have somehow migrated in there from my little corner office in the living room, dinner needs to be cooked, beds need to be made, and the kitchen and refrigerator need a thorough cleaning and re-organization.

Did I say I was in panic mode yet? 'Cause I totally am.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have absolutely nothing that needed doing right this second. Of course, it's all relative: the dishes could stay there, or we could just sleep on sleeping bags instead of making the bed. We could pick up a pizza instead of cooking dinner.

But despite being in panic mode, right now, I am hard-pressed to find the energy to get up out of my chair. Yet get out of my chair, I must.

Crossing my fingers for some good, restful sleep tonight!

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