Friday, August 24, 2012


I got in my car after work today and drove and drove and drove...all the while, thinking about you.

I drove through the mountains and the sky and felt the wind blow through me and I thought about you. I know you so much better than I did before, but I don't really know you at all.

I thought about what you would say if you could see what I saw, and if you could see everything that comes out of me. Would you stay?

I listened to the lines of a song I've heard a thousand times before, and I heard something new in it. I let it wash over me, and the words started running through my head, faster. I thought about your eyes, and your breath.

I thought of you when I drove past the meadows and the farms in the valley. I thought of you when I saw the clouds as they gathered on the horizon near the lake.

I thought about when I would see you again.

I drove as long as I could, because I knew that once I stopped, the magic would be gone, the moment over. I wanted the moment to go on as long as it could, because just for a little while there, everything was suspended in space, and it was perfect.

So, today, I drove my car and I thought of you. And I know that if I let go, everything will be okay.


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