Friday, December 14, 2012


This isn't exactly the post I was intending to make today, but here it is.

I saw the news about the horrific day at the elementary school in Colorado was Tom and I were leaving the doctor's office. I had an appointment today to follow up with a biopsy after an abnormal pap smear last month, and I couldn't bring myself to watch more than a few minutes of the news updates before we left.

Then, I looked at my Facebook news feed. People updating their statuses with things like, "I have no words", and "Speechless".

Well, I, for one, am not speechless.

Today is not the day to debate gun control. Yesterday was.

How many more children have to die before we get serious about regulating guns in the United States? How many more mass shootings? Isn't this like the second one this month? Where are we, Somalia?

Anyone who tells you that to debate gun control so soon after a mass shooting of children is disrespectful to the victims is full of shit. It's a complete disregard of the lives of those eighteen children and the eight adults who were killed, and their families who are left behind to pick up the pieces, if we DON'T start talking about gun control. Right fucking now.

The reports I've seen have said that the gunman had two handguns. He most likely obtained those handguns legally.

So, legal handguns are okay, right?

Of course, guns don't kill people. But people with mental health issues who can obtain handguns legally - yeah, they kill people. If we take the handguns out of the equation, what could this guy have done - bludgeon twenty children to death with a salami?

Oh, and don't forget - if all those kids and teachers had had handguns, all obtained legally, of course, then they could have stopped him.

You can't solve the problem of violence with violence.

Fuck your moments of silence, your concerts to raise money, your stupid fucking awareness t-shirts and plastic rubber made-in-China bracelets.

How about some meaningful legislation to stop this kind of thing from happening?

How about some people just shut the fuck up about their "right" to own guns and let someone else talk for a little while.

Most of all, I would like to see the lives of those eighteen children avenged with the dismantling and banishment of the NRA. Forever.

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