Sunday, February 03, 2013


Writing the tutorial for Helena, and just taking the photos has a knot in my stomach. It's been a while since I wrote such a detailed tutorial, and I'm hoping that it pays off.

I chose a matte emerald color for the Twins, mixed with some of those creamy druks and the metallic gold Duracoats from The Hole Bead Shop.

So far, there are over 70 photographs to edit for the necklace alone. The bracelet tutorial should be easier, with less photos, and will be included free of charge with the purchase of the necklace tutorial.

There will also be a couple of options for embellishing the bottom of the necklace, one of which has me thinking of another collar design, this time with vines and tendrils made from Twins...

I'm completely enamored of these two-holed seed beads. Saving my pennies so that I can buy some more Twins and SuperDuos and druks at some point soon... The design possibilities with these beads are just fabulous, and endless!

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