Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, Hello, Mister Sun!

As I was on my way to my therapist yesterday afternoon, the sun poked out from between the clouds. I didn't get my hopes up - I drove through some snow that was coming down so hard and so fast that it almost made me dizzy - but during my session, I noticed the sun shining in through the windows and across the floor.

When I left, the sky was dazzling.

It felt so good to be out in the sunshine again! I drove back through Keene Valley and Keene, and took a minute to pop into a friend's resale shop. Found a couple of great tops that match my new purple/maroon hair (which I'll show you as soon as I can get a decent picture), and I turned up my music as loud as I could stand it.

Today, the sky is cloudy again, but I can see bits of bright blue through the clouds. Sure, it's going to be down in the single digits this weekend, but that's just what spring in the Adirondacks is supposed to be.

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming of more sunshine...

1 comment:

SaraBeth said...

You had one helluva magical day!

I want to see some pics of this purple/maroon hair and the shirts to go with it.