Friday, April 19, 2013


Yep, last weekend, I did it. I went to an AcroYoga class and learned how to do a headstand! Of course, I giggled through the whole thing, but when I went to class on Monday night, Robin said to me, "You looked pretty good doing that headstand! We've GOT to work on that together!" Made me giggle even more.

I don't think anyone got a picture of me standing upside down on my head, but this is a great picture of our instructors demonstrating Bird pose:

Yes, we really did that. Yes, I really balanced someone on my legs and arms like that. And yes, I even got to balance myself on someone's legs, sitting upright, hands to heart center for a short Ohm.

So, I'm more than halfway through this yoga challenge during the month of April, and while I haven't been able to do yoga every single day, I'm learning a lot.

First thing that I've learned is that doing yoga well is all about finding your limits, and accepting them. So what if I can't do a forward bend with straight legs? I can do the forward bend well enough to get most of the benefits of the pose.

I'm also learning about gently pushing your limitations, while still being accepting of them. Any new yoga pose that comes my way during class immediately sets off my little warning bells in the back of my brain, but I'm finding that if I'm calm and focused, I can usually pull it off, even if it's a modified version.

For me, yoga is all about learning to feel strong again, to be okay with pushing myself again, and with eradicating my fear of fear.

It's also hugely about getting my butt out of the house and back into the world at large, something that I have missed dreadfully these last few months.

And with that, it's time for me to get my butt out of my chair and out into the world at large.


SaraBeth said...

Are you going to keep taking this class? It looks like so much fun!

Maybe you can give a demo at the retreat?

VanBeads said...

The instructors were from Montreal. They're doing another class down in Schroon Lake, about 90 minutes from here, on the 28th of April. I may go to that class, and then my yoga teacher is talking to them about coming back to her studio again this summer. I would definitely do it again!