Saturday, May 04, 2013

Almost 40

So, this is what I do when I'm procrastinating at work. I was messing around with the webcam on my laptop, trying to get a decent picture of myself, because lately, I feel like I have a hard time looking in the mirror.

Plus, the day I took this, it was a gorgeous day - the first truly warm day we've had all year. It was 81 degrees, sunny, and it was the first day that I'd felt almost alive in months. Maybe even years.

One week from today, I'll turn 39. The last year of my thirties. I tend to freak out a little at the last year of a decade - I had a similar freak-out when I turned 29.

But I don't think I look bad for almost 40. I'm sort of enjoying being back to my post-pregnancy weight and size, and I feel healthy most of the time, even on the days when I struggle with the anxiety.

Last weekend, after my day trip to NYC (which is another post for another day), we decided to spend the day out at the Paul Smiths Visitor Interpreter Center. It was a beautiful day, a little breezy, sunny, and warm.

We walked on the trails for about 4 miles. Colden got to go on his favorite wobbly-bridge trail that goes out over the river and connects a peninsula to the rest of the property.

What blew my mind was when we got to the two big hills on the trail - really big hills. When we were there back in November, I couldn't make it up those hills without being out of breath and my heart pounding. This time, after four months of yoga nearly every day, I scooted up them with no problems. I wasn't exhausted at the end of the hike. (I was, however, hungry enough to eat two sushi rolls, an apple, a brownie, and a handful of pretzels.)

So since this is my last year in my thirties, I'm trying to figure out what I want my forties to look like.

I remember when my friend turned 40. She started jogging again, got healthy, lost weight, found a new job, and really used her forties to start a new chapter in her life.

I have the feeling something similar awaits me.

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Becky Pancake said...

Hi Jen, I have been reading your blog posts and I feel like I know you better now. Thanx for giving me the stories and the idea that I should start yoga. 40 is not scarey. It is one of the best parts of life. You are healthy, strong, and in control of your life. You are no longer a child but not old either. I am in my 60's and I still feel young and vibrant. I had a challenge with accepting my 50's but not for long. Life will just keep happening.Enjoy the ride.