Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Monday...

And another bad day at a craft show. I just can't believe that it's all the economy. I think I had two sales the entire day, and I made just enough to pay for my table fee for the show at the Golden Arrow hotel in Lake Placid this weekend. I didn't even make my booth fee back! What was up with THAT?!

I have to admit, I think part of the problem was that I had a teeny, tiny little space. I should have sprung the extra $15 and gotten a larger space, something that I will do next year. I also want to have backdrops made for next year, which may help things look more professional. The space was just way too tiny, and I could only fit two tables in there instead of my usual three, and everything just looked crowded and cramped. Argh. I realized, also, when I got there that I had forgotten to bring an entire bag of earrings!!! Didn't matter, since I don't want to sell them anymore, anyway, and that way I didn't have to worry about squeezing them into my microscope slide-sized space.

I've made some changes to the blog in hopes that I can start to use this more as a promotional tool for my Etsy shop! (Someone may have noticed my Etsy minis all over the place! Buy something!) I think that from now on, Mondays will be my days to update my blog, post a few articles on my techniques and show what's new, and maybe post a schedule of shows or two.

Speaking of shows, I've finished a preliminary craft show calendar for 2009, and I hope it's going to be a good one. I'm looking to add a few high-end shows and some larger festivals, like maybe the Nyack Street Fair in May, and maybe see if I can get myself juried into one of the big shows down in Albany at the Empire State Plaza. (My old stomping grounds from when I worked in community development and it was aaaaaaaaaaaall politics!)

For this weekend, you can catch me at the Golden Arrow Best Western hotel in Lake Placid on Saturday, November 29 from 10 am until 4 pm. (Or until people stop buying stuff, whichever comes later!) Then after that, my last show of the season will be Christmas in the Village on Main Street in Essex at the Adirondack Art Association Gallery. I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 5-7 from 10 am until 4 pm. (Or, again, if we're busy, possibly later!) For more information, you can contact the Village of Essex.

As my tiny brain rests tonight, I am going to start thinking up articles to write about my work so I can write maybe one more short article about a new piece this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Michelle said...

This sounds so exactly like the experience I had at a local college this year. The show is 'sponsored' by one of the local papers, and I think the college gets to keep the admission fees and probably most, if not all, of the vendor fees. It was really disheartening to have only a handful of crafters there... I even had a customer say how disappointed she was - she thought she was taking her granddaughter to a craft show - not something that was resembling a flea market in many ways. Obviously - I'm not doing that one again! And I did let the people running the show know what I thought. At least I made enough over the table fee to buy a book to drown my sorrows in!