Sunday, November 30, 2008

Okay, one more post because I need to vent.

Some days, I just look around at me and think, "What the hell have I gotten myself into here?!" Today is one of those days. After I wrote that first post this morning about the new painted pendants that I am totally loving, I realized that I have a whole bunch of stuff to do. And of course, I have to keep Colden entertained at the same time, or I won't get ANYTHING done!

What has been driving me nuts is the lack of workspace for me lately. I can't work in the basement like I did when I was pregnant for a few reasons. First, there is waaaaaaay too much stuff down there that Colden gets into when I am down there to print something out or look for a particular bead or whatever. Plus, now he can climb stairs, and I am terrified that he will start climbing up the stairs, slip and fall, and put his tooth through his lip or bash his head against the concrete cinderblock wall. Second, it costs way too much to heat that part of the basement every single day. Third, I really don't like it down there because the light isn't great and it always feels like I'm working in a dungeon. Really.

So this is where I HAVE been working lately. (And please don't tell my husband you saw these pictures of our totally messed up house online because he'll kill me and make me take 'em down.)

This is where I have been stashing some of the beads I'm using on current projects. The big, blue suitcase is what I've been using to haul projects and inventory around to shows this fall.

My current "desk", a.k.a. our dining room table. (And no, that's not a bottle of wine. It's balsamic vinegar. Really.)

My other "office" in the living room. Think I've got enough clutter there? That's all gonna have to go somewhere before we put the Christmas tree up this year!!!

So, yeah, this is how I've been working lately. You don't even want to see what the glass workshop looks like. But we'll get to that later.

Anyway, now that I've posted my rant for today, I think I'm going to tackle some unfinished projects that I've been sitting on for a month now and see about getting some lunch for me and the kid!


Michelle said...

I can totally relate to the cluttered work area! Most days my dining room table looks like a tie-dyed sheep exploded all over it.

risa said...

I can really understand...all the years I was raising my workspace to call my own. Now they are grown and I remarried and best yet, I have my own studio! It took me 47 years to get there! You might like to look at my blog ( Looking for blogging buddies! Fellow Etsian-risa

ArtSnark said...

cleaner than my workspace ;D
Someone once told me she didn't want on her tombstone "She kept a clean house"...Life happens!