Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Blogging

So, today I'm 36. I feel like I'm on the wrong side of 30! But, like Dad always says, "It beats the alternative." On a more thoughtful note, to quote a song by singer/songwriter Ann Reed, "This looking back is a gift of age."

Yesterday afternoon at the post office, there was a huge, big ol' box waiting for me from Beki and the nice people at Whimbeads. I went a little nuts when she posted their new colors of size 11 seed beads and the new size 8 Toho hybrids.

Aren't these colors gorgeous?! C'mon, you know they are... I have a fondness for the metallic seed beads. I use them when I'm making beaded chains and cabochon pendants because I love the way they look.

I've also got a thing for the new Toho hybrids. The colors are just fantastic, and they work so well with so many things!

I've got plans for these babies. That gorgeous emerald Swarovski bicone and the bright permanent finish gold metallic seed beads are going to become a re-creation of a piece of estate jewelry I found in an online auction catalog.

I was really psyched when Beki told me that they actually had the 4mm Swarovski crystal pearls that I had been looking for everywhere! I got some of these for a project from another source, and of course, underestimated the amount that I needed. I kept trying to get them, but they were out of stock EVERYWHERE.

And while this is just on loan to me, this cool little pocket video camera is what I am going to start filming with today! A couple of weeks ago, one of the senior video editors at the About.com site contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in borrowing a little pocket camera for a few weeks to shoot some video tutorials for the site. I've got fifteen videos scripted. I probably won't get the chance to shoot all of them, but when I looked up this little gadget online, I found that I can get a new one for about $150, so that might be in my future.

No shortage of things to do today, so I have to get off the computer, get some breakfast for me and the kiddo, and get moving!


Dolphina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!! Keep the inspiration coming ;o)
May your cRaZiEsT dreams come true my Dear ;o)

Rose said...

Happy birthday!!! Such pretty seed beads! :D