Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well. Farmers' Market Season is Here Again.

And I think that this year, I am going to have to seriously cut back on the number of markets and craft shows that I do. With the work I'm doing for and trying to make new pieces and design projects for the magazines and the website, I don't think I'll be able to haul my show around upstate New York (and beyond) three times a week. So in the coming days and weeks, I'll be shooting new photographs of my work and probably opening a de-stash shop on Etsy to see if I can't move some of this old inventory so that I can make new inventory and concentrate on my high end line of beaded and bead embroidered jewelry.

I don't have a lot of time to blog today, since I have to go blog for (I want to get all the rest of my posts done for the rest of the week!) and I have to keep plugging away on the videos I'm shooting. Shooting videos is hard. I'm starting to remember some stuff from my t.v. production and film making classes back in high school, but just when I think I have the line in my head, I stumble over a word.

I've set up my dining room for video production for the next few days. Here is what it looks like.

I really hope the weather gets nice soon so that we can at least eat on the back porch. The dining room table is underneath all that stuff!

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