Thursday, July 05, 2012

Beading Projects, All In a Row

After I finish my Battle piece this weekend (and figure out how to photograph it, yikes!) I've got eleven beading projects all lined up, patiently waiting for me. And that's not counting the other projects that I've just put aside for now for one reason or the other...

Do I have Beading Attention Deficit Disorder? (BADD?) Or maybe it's a case of Beading Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (BOCD) Either way, if beading is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Just a look at the various projects scattered around the house these days...

A selection from my most recent purchase of vintage Czech glass stones, sitting on my desk. There are at least four or five projects in this pile, but there are three that I have concrete plans and notes for.

I love the colors and the shapes of these stones. They're such a challenge to my beaded bezel skills! I've finally figured out how to recreate some of the amazing Czech and Bohemian antique glass jewelry that I've admired for so long with these stones.

There are two projects sitting here. One uses those large vintage German glass stones that I bought from Beadin' Path about a hundred years ago, and the other is the rubber grommets in the corner of the box, a bracelet project for my four weeks of bracelets Bead-A-Long on Beading Daily.

I've been waiting to use those large German glass stones for YEARS! Suddenly, with my newly-developed bezeling skills and the box of birthday beads I received back in May, I've got the design all worked out. Now I just need to sit down and actually DO IT.

And my Czech spike beads! Oh, my spikes! I bought a sampling of colors from Beyond Beadery at the Tucson shows back in February, then decided that I liked them so much that I bought a whole big stash of them from The Hole Bead Shop during their Tax Relief sale. Then during my recent trip to York Beads in Manhattan (which I STILL need to write about here!), I bought four more colors to add to my collection.

While browsing through the selection of amazing Swarovski stones Betcey brought along with her to York Beads, I discovered that one of them matched the spikes perfectly. Gorgeous! So now I have this idea for creating a bezel and studding it with spikes. So far, however, I've stitched three bezels and torn them all apart. A work in progress, indeed...

Another recent addition to my collection of Lisa Peters Art pieces is this fabulous mini flower ring kit! It features a Lisa Peters tiny flower button and an amazing kit with a project by Grace Danels. And I have to tell you: this is absolutely the most impressive beading kit I've come across in a long time. It includes not just the beads, findings, and other materials needed to make the ring, it includes a handy thread cutter, a beading needle, beading thread, and a tiny tube of glue with a toothpick! Talk about instant gratification - you can open this kit and just start beading right away! Amazing!

And what else... I need to get busy with my Beading For a Cure project, which is due at the end of August. That will probably be the next thing I work on. Then I've got a bracelet using more of the Czech spikes, a beaded vessel pendant tutorial that I want to put in the Etsy shop, a bead embroidered cuff pattern I want to put in the Etsy shop, two beautiful glass bead cap findings that I got from the farmer's market the other day.

So what else do I do when I have all this beading and all these blogs to write? I procrastinate by writing about all the beading and writing I have to do!

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