Saturday, July 14, 2012


Just when I think that there's nothing left to write about on my blog...

Today didn't exactly go as planned. Colden is playing another round of hide 'n' go poop, and with the heat we've been experiencing, he just hasn't been himself. So this morning, he said he wanted to go to the library for the annual library sale fundraiser and to return our books and see Yosi's mom, Martha.

We walked into the library, put our books down on the librarian's desk, and saw Martha waving at us. I started to walk over and say hi, and Colden planted his feet and let out the most ear-piercing shriek I have ever heard.

Turned around, scooped up Colden, and walked away.

We tried to walk through the library sale. Colden whined and pulled at my hands the whole time. The kid was MISERABLE. But still, he refuses to poop, despite repeated administrations of Miralax.

Enough, I said, we're going home right now.

Drove home. Got Colden to sit on the potty, but he screamed and cried the whole time that it hurt when he was trying to poop. (Which, of course it did, because the kid hasn't pooped since Wednesday, so he's probably got something like an elephant turd in there.)

He finally wore out and started crying that he was tired. I got him off the potty, got him dressed. He asked for strawberries and something to drink. I got that for him, too. Then he laid down on the bed and went to sleep.

Tom came home, and I said I was going to just go to Target myself while Colden was sleeping. We were running out of water filters for the pitcher, pull ups, and Tom's Zyrtec.

Drove up to Plattsburgh. Looking for a place to park in the 94+ degree parking lot, see an empty space, go to turn into it, and WHAM!

I smacked into the car next to me.

I panicked. What the hell did I just DO?!

I called Tom, in tears. Front headlight on the brand-new van smashed. Nice dent in our front bumper. Big scratches on both cars. (Thankfully, not much else really wrong with other car, just some big scratches on the rear bumper.)

The people who owned the car came out while I was on the phone with Tom and the insurance company. Surprisingly, the NY State Troopers agreed to come file an accident report. (According to the insurance adjuster, usually if something like that happens in a private parking lot like at Target or the mall, it's considered a civil case and no police report is created.)

The guy who owns the car says to me, "You look so familiar." Turns out he used to work at the co-op in downtown Plattsburgh, right next to wear I used to have my store. I used to see him every day when I went in there for my lunch!

So, if I'm going to smash up our brand-new van, at least I hit someone I know, right?

And silly me, I had always thought that Friday the 13th was the unlucky day. Maybe I should have stayed inside all day today, too.


Cath Thomas said...

for me the misery date always was Thursday the 12th, the day before... Don't ask me why, nothing special ever happened on the 13th. I do not aprehend it at all... ad contrario. Here in Europe we play the Lottery double ;)
I am very sorry to read all the painful things happening on your Friday, I don't think it is related to the day. Oh and maybe you can find some glycerin suppositories for Colden... that is good in case of pain like that. Gentle hugs.

Beth said...

Aw, sweetie!!! Some days are just better left on the shelf. ((((( hugs ))))

Tanya Ozanne said...

Love and hugs to you both, This too will pass. (in the words of Solomons advisor)