Friday, July 20, 2012


I don't know what's going on, but this morning, I just want to cry. The horrible news out of Colorado - I feel as if I'm an honorary resident, since so many of my wonderful co-workers are out there - combined with the stress of last weekend's car incident and the unending parade of housekeeping chores that seem to go on around here just makes me feel completely overwhelmed.

So after I finished my writing for the morning, I sat down and did a little bit of beading. Not on my Bead Soup project (not yet, anyway), but on this beautiful Ganesha that I recently acquired...

And of course, in looking through my Traditional Jewelry of India book to get an idea for a neck strap for this piece, I found another piece I want to try to re-create with beads...

I think tonight will require another trip to the farmer's market for some (healthy) retail vegetable therapy, and then a trip out to the Wild Center tomorrow with Colden to watch the otters and play on the trails.

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