Monday, April 06, 2009

Oooh, it was a good day in the mail!

I got my latest order from Fire Mountain Gems, which means that I can now start writing directions and work up the earring projects that Leslie from Step By Step Beads wants from me. I also got the teeny, tiny little bead caps that I ordered from someone on Etsy for my series of Jewish wedding rings. (And, by the way, they threw in the coolest free gift! I'll have to post pics of those later and mention the seller, whose name I can't remember right now.) And then we got two new movies from Netflix - "Marley and Me" with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, two of my all-time favorite actors, and "Happy Go Lucky" which is a British flick that Tom wants to see and looks very promising.

But the best thing that came in the mail was my check from my sales at ConDFW back in February! It was about alot more than I had expected, and I am totally psyched. I am loving that I am selling my work at these science fiction conventions. And all I have to do is buy my sister and her friend a nice dinner!

I got a ton of work done this weekend. I don't know what I did differently, but I'm glad I did! I got two new versions of the Flower Power necklace made, one in bright blue and deep metallic wine that I'm calling the Mardi Gras version, and another made with lovely, soft purple colors that I have no idea what to call. I also finished attaching findings to the first batch of my new fused glass line, which I am going to sell exclusively on ArtFire for the time being.

So, another cold, crappy morning in the Adirondacks today. It was grey and COLD and damp when we woke up. I made us a nice hot breakfast of oatmeal and (homemade) maple syrup. I had a cup of hot chocolate, too, to chase the chill away. Colden had his banana and some leftover scrammbled egg, and then I sat down and got to workin'! I'll have a sneak peak at the new items later today after I get my camera hooked up to the laptop.

For this afternoon, I am going to tackle my latest cleaning/organizing project: my worktable (again!) and Colden's room! We'll see how that goes...

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Barbara said...

You sell at ConDFW? I sell at Orycon! Oh, I hope we meet up someday -- I want to swap stories :)