Monday, February 13, 2012


Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if we stopped giving energy to every single stupid thing that comes out of Fox "news". Seriously. Women in the military should "expect" to be raped? For real? Did that commentator have a cup of stupid for breakfast that morning?

What would happen if we just looked at her, said, "Yeah, whatever, lady," and then just went about our business? I can't stand seeing this thing plastered all over Facebook and Yahoo. It's just so idiotic. When did being stupid and hurtful become okay?

At any rate. I decided the other day that I am no longer reading the "news" stories on Yahoo or some of the other news websites like CNN. All they do are spread negativity and sadness, and the only thing I can really do about them is to push them aside and concentrate on making my life as positive and happy as possible.

Yes, the GOP is still waging its war on women, minorities and the poor. And I'll keep up with what's happening in politics and science so I can voice my concerns to my elected representatives. But other than that, no more "news" for me.

Unless it comes from Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, that is...

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