Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grey February

Woke up to the news this morning that Whitney Houston has died. So sad. She was such a truly talented and gifted singer. Tom and I talked this morning about how much we loved her music when we were kids.

And I can hardly believe that it's been over a week since my last blog post! Yikes. It was a crazy week full of deadlines, getting back into my rhythm, and resisting the urge to just dive in to the eighteen gazillion projects I've had floating around in my head ever since Tammy and I hit The Best Bead Show last week.

Today is a grey, crappy, dark, and freezing cold February day. We're supposed to go clean out Tom's parents' chimney this afternoon, but his back has been bothering him again, and I'm not crazy about the idea of him climbing on the roof while he's hurting. It seems like it'll be a good day to stay home, stay cozy by the fire, clean up the house, and bake some cookies.

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