Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tucson! Tucson! Tucson!

I finally arrived at my hotel at a few minutes after midnight after 17 hours of travel. I can honestly say I have never been so happy to see a bed as I was that night!

The next morning, I bumped into Leslie Rogalski down in the lobby and she and Kristal Wick and I went over to the Swarovski showroom so I could have a look around.

The mountains in Tucson were amazing. I always forget how dramatic they are - not like the New York mountains that are covered in trees. No, these mountains are tall and jagged and dotted with scrub and rocks.

As I was wandering the tables at Swarovski, I noticed - lo and behold! - that Stephanie Dixon, aka The Dixon Chick, was here! I found her just as she was finishing her class, and I got a big hug (and an amazing crystal and wire ring!) from her!

I had been chatting with a very nice woman named Barbara in the hallways outside the classrooms earlier, and what do you know? Barbara's husband was a student in Stephanie's class that morning!

It was so very cool to see someone who was not a woman taking a wire and sparkly bead class!

There were a bunch of us from Interweave at the showroom that morning, and I left with Melinda Barta and some of the lovely ladies from Interweave Events and we headed over to The Whole Bead Show. Of course, I went over to The Beadin' Path and loaded up on lovely vintage goodies...!!!!

Vintage Czech glass pearls, vintage Lucite beads and cabochons, vintage brass neck collars, vintage brass charms... It was enough to make my head spin!

And sure enough, my head was spinning pretty good by the time we finished at Whole Bead. Melinda and Danielle were kind enough to bring me back to my hotel so that I could crash for a few hours before the Interweave party so that I could function.

Alas, even after a three hour nap and a shower, I still had to bail early on the party. It was great fun to chat with Maggie Meister and Rebecca Nunn of Nunn Designs and the great ladies from Beadin' Path, but by eight o clock, I knew I was on my last legs. A quick cab ride back to the hotel and I was asleep before nine o clock! (Which is actually 11 back home in New York, so I feel justified.)

I slept for about ten hours straight, which was exactly what I needed, and then got up for Day 2 of my trip, where I spent the day at The Best Bead Show with Tammy Jones!

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