Friday, June 25, 2010

So, That Was a Surprise.

Tom's dad called up this morning and said that Sandy wanted me to bring Colden over because she brought something back from Reno for him. So, when Tom showed up home from work early because his back was going from bad to worse (and he shouldn't really have gone into work anyway today), we all piled into the car and went over to Oma and Opa's house.

So, imagine the look on my face when Kinsey, my 8 year old niece, walks out into the living room! THAT was what Oma brought back from Reno for Colden! We had all thought that she was going to come out with Kathy and Kady in July, but they decided to surprise us all and Kinsey came out two weeks early!

I don't know what I was thinking, but I was so excited to see Kinsey, and it was such a gorgeous day, that I decided we should bring Kinsey to the park with us. We had fun for about twenty minutes - it was just waaaaaay too hot to be running around at the park this afternoon, so we wound up back at Oma and Opa's house and we all got into our bathing suits, slathered on more sunscreen, and got into the pool.

It was a blast, until about four thirty when we came home, and I crashed big time. Colden fell asleep in the car in about five seconds, and he didn't even open his eyes when I picked him up and put him on his bed. I tried to get some beading done, I really did, but I suddenly felt so crappy and so nauseous and so overwhelmed that I had to lie down with Colden for a while. Tom's back hurt him so badly that he couldn't walk, so he had to stay in bed for most of the afternoon and evening, which meant that it was all me tonight. Which didn't really work, anyway, since I was so sick. I basically laid in bed with Colden and fed him his dinner without picking up my head.

So, long story short, I will be a day or so late on my bead soup pieces - I'll finish them tomorrow morning after we get back from the chiropractor and post them later tomorrow night.

I also talked to the prosecutor this morning who is handling my uncle's murder from 11 years ago. He seems like a great attorney, very with it, and he was very up-front with me, telling me not to expect a conviction, but that since the guy they arrested for the murder has claimed that he was never in my uncle's house, his defense attorney is going to have a heck of a job trying to explain why the guy's DNA was found in the house at the crime scene.

So, lots of things going on, way too much for me to think about in any given hour. I am going to finish up a quick tutorial now and see if I can't get some decent sleep tonight.

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