Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Last Night with the Girls

So, on the last night that Kathy, Kady and Kinsey were here, we went over to see everyone for dinner. Before dinner, Tom blew bubbles with everyone in the backyard. It was hilarious - the kids loved the gigantic bubble wand, and once Tom got the bubble machine working, everyone was dancing in the bubbles!

After dinner, I promised the girls that we could make necklaces. Since Kady didn't have a chance to come over and make a necklace like Kinsey did when she first got here, I brought over a whole bunch of beads and tools and clasps and let the girls pick out the beads they wanted to use to make a necklace. Colden helped pick out the beads.

Kady finished her necklace first. She used all the cool lampwork beads that I got years and years ago, back when I was still a "beadweaving whelp", to use a phrase by Rachel Nelson-Smith. Her necklace came out so nicely!


Then Kinsey finished her necklace, using some gorgeous blue Chinese crystal and some black Czech glass beads. I really love the colors that she picked out!

And then it was time to go home. It was sad to say good-bye, because we won't see them again until next summer, unless Tom and I decide to pack it in for Christmas and go out to Reno. But flying from up here in the winter can be dicey at best - you never know when we're going to get slammed with a storm and wind up sleeping at the airport.

So, this morning it seems that most of the nasty side effects from the drugs have gone away, except that my abdomen feels like someone spent the last 24 hours kicking it with a boot. The hot shower helped a little bit, and I'm hoping the painkillers kick in soon. But the good news is that it appears that the spotting has stopped, and maybe I'll get some more good news at the doctor tomorrow.

Tom and Colden are outside mowing the lawn and doing gardening and taking care of the chickens. I'm going to get caught up on my blogging for the week on the site, get my newsletter edited, tackle the mountain of dishes sitting on the kitchen counter, and then sit down with my beads for a little while. I actually feel good enough to bead today, so I'm taking full advantage of it!

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