Friday, July 09, 2010

Under the Mast

The week before things went entirely to pot, I ordered myself a treat - one of Marcia DeCoster's incredible "Under the Mast" kits. She had an extremely limited number of kits, and she put some of us on a waiting list. Thankfully, my wait was only for a couple of days before my kit was shipped and appeared, almost miraculously, in my mailbox just two days later.

I chose the medium green Vitrial color - I love metallic green - and the Swarovski stone is absolutely wonderful.

For me, the fun part was figuring out what to write on the piece of paper I slipped under the stone between the stone and the backing. I won't reveal what I wrote, but I will say that it is a word that has helped me immensely in the last two weeks, and it's probably the reason I've been wearing this piece every day since I finished it. It's a subtle reminder and a source of strength for me as I get through these days.

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