Friday, April 13, 2012


So, according to the GOP this week, holding hands is a "gateway" to sexual activity and according to the Republican governor of Arizona, pregnancy actually starts two weeks prior to menstruation. Um, what? Has the entire world completely lost their fucking minds?

I wonder what Rush Limbaugh would have to say about that holding hands thing.

And as for that traitor-to-her-sex governor of Arizona, if pregnancy starts two weeks before menstruation, does that mean that every time a woman has her period it's actually an abortion? Is that where this is heading?

I love this country, but really. The day someone like Rick Santorum is elected president is the day that Tom and I pack up Colden and head for Canada to plead for political asylum from crazy, stupid, religious zealots.


kbradseth said...

I stopped by to look at jewelry and I'm pretty apolitical, so his doesn't have anything to do with right vs. left. However, I do think that the two weeks before your cycle thing is actually how they count weeks gestation in pregnancy. And, no, not every period would be an abortion, because not every cycle follows fertilization of an egg.

That said, I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better about the GOP, but it might soften the "WTF" reaction.

Go make jewelry =)

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