Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last year when I was planning on going to Chicago for the workshop with NanC Meinhardt (before I got hit with that awful virus), I was planning on adding some color to my hair in the form of a few purple streaks. I didn't do it because I didn't go, and quite honestly I couldn't afford it, either, but now that I'm coming up on one year at Interweave AND my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I'm thinking about it again.

One of the beading artists I'm friends with on Facebook posted a picture of some new purple highlights she put in her hair, and it looked AWESOME. So it got me thinking again...

Can I pull it off?

Truthfully, I dress somewhat conservatively these days. Mostly jeans and colorful t-shirts, long skirts now and then. Would the purple just look ridiculous with the way I dress?

Of course, it's not like my hair is permanently purple forever if I do it. It'll grow out, eventually. And I might as well have some fun on my 38th birthday, right?

Like my friend said when I told her how great she looked, life is short. I  might as well book my appointment, get my nails done to match and go for it, right?


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Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Go for it. You will never regret it--I think one should do something outrageous now and then.