Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mala Beads and Crystal Clay

So, we're having typical Adirondack weather for late April. Woke up to some yucky, cold mix of snow and rain. Heard Tom get up to start a fire, but I was so exhausted and so cozy snuggled up with Colden that I just stayed in my half-asleep state.

Yesterday, Colden's friend Yossi came over and I took the two of them to the Cultural Center to see the monks and the sand mandala. We got there a little late and missed some of the painting activity, and then when the music started for the dancing demonstration down the hall, both boys covered their ears and ran for the door. Too many loud horns - the boys definitely didn't like the music!

But we got a good close-up look at the sand mandala, and I could see all of the detail, the little piles of sand that make up the designs. I showed them the butter sculptures and the colorful prayer flags that were hung all throughout the main gallery.

Before we left, I stopped to pick up a couple of strands of the Mala beads that they were offering for sale. I've never had a set of prayer beads since I gave up my rosaries when I was a kid in Catholic school, and these were just so comforting to touch. They are made of sandalwood, and they smell amazing. I set them on the side of the tub last night while I was taking a warm bath and just enjoyed the scent of them wafting through the steam...

I plan on bringing them with me when I go for morning prayers the next few mornings. There's something very comforting about them. They're smooth, but my fingers can pick up on the texture of the wood. They smell wonderful.

It started to rain on the way home, and when we stopped at Devin's to grab some milk and bread and cheese for lunch, the boys decided that they wanted to do a rain dance in the parking lot. They rain danced all the way into Devin's, and everyone who saw them just laughed. It really was adorable.

After a lunch of apples and grilled cheese sandwiches, the boys ran around like little maniacs until Yossi's dad came for him. We needed to find a way to calm Colden down, so I took out his Play Doh and got out the Crystal Clay that I've been sitting on for a month now. Might as well see how it works, right?

I'm still not sure how I like using this. It was probably harder for me since I was just doing it on my own, trying to follow the instructions in the package. I was glad that I bought a load of extra crystals and extra beeswax tipped applicators. I'll be writing up my review of the product for Beading Daily later today or tomorrow, and I'm curious to hear how other people feel about Crystal Clay. Maybe it's because I'm not really a clay person. Although I have to admit, I'm really in love with the flower ring - and that was the one I thought I'd like the least!

Nothing extraordinary on the agenda for today. Maybe a little meditation this afternoon, some beading, kitchen cleaning and laundry, and grocery shopping. Since it's such a yucky day out, I'm thinking about making us a big pot of potato and Swiss chard soup for dinner, along with some fresh, crusty bread. 

Another early morning tomorrow. I'm dropping Colden off early at preschool, then heading up for morning prayers again. Then I have an appointment for a pulse reading with one of the monks. Tuesday afternoon, if Sandy and Tom can watch Colden, Tom and I are going to evening prayers and the teaching about Taking Refuge. I think if anyone needs a big dose of inner peace right now, it's us!

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