Thursday, April 19, 2012

Need An Idea?

Yes, I blog for a living. But I also get stuck for ideas, especially for my own blog. (As you can see from the dates of my last few posts.) It's not always easy to sit down and find something to say.

So a few weeks ago, I was really excited to see through Facebook that lampwork and jewelry artist Lori Anderson was writing a book of blogging prompts and ideas for creative blogging!

In my huge collection of books, I have lots of books about creative writing, back from the days when I wanted to be a poet or a writer of short stories. I turned to them when I was looking for some creative ideas for my blogs, but they just didn't quite fit.

Now, with Lori's new ebook, Follow the Path: Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger, I have fifty-nine pages of visual and verbal prompts for creative blogging ideas!

Seriously, this is one eBook that I will be using again and again and again. Within a few minutes of downloading and printing it out, I found three prompts for writing some fresh new blogs, both here and on Beading Daily! I can see that this is going to be something that I use on a daily or weekly basis.

The great thing about the eBook format is that you don't have to print the whole thing out - you can print out one or two pages or none at all. Personally, I printed the whole thing out and put it in a three-ring binder, with special holes punched in it so that it fits into my work notebook/organizer. This way, I can take a few pages with me when I need to come up with my blogging calendars and topics and refer to them if I need something to make it fresh!

Follow the Path includes both verbal prompts for creative blogging (like one word prompts, questions to answer, or statements) as well as pages and pages of gorgeous and inspiring photographs. 

Lori is already known throughout the beading and jewelry world as the woman who created the Bead Soup Blog Parties three years ago. She's got a print book coming out this year, showcasing some of the best creations to come from her Bead Soup Blog Parties.

If you blog, would like to start blogging, or feel like you need to inject some new life into your blog, you should get a copy of Lori's eBook, Follow the Path. Just check out her blog, Pretty Things, and locate the icon on the right-hand side bar. Follow the Path is available for $15 as an instant download, delivered as a PDF file and can be saved on your computer or printed out.

Happy Blogging!

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