Wednesday, May 09, 2012


I've been hoarding seed beads for a long, long time, but today, I hoarded something else.

I had to make a quick trip to Target to get some Pyrex glass pans with lids for our first CSA pickup on Friday. Mark told me to bring a few Pyrex dishes with lids for the meat - and apparently, it's a lot of meat. We have exactly two glass dishes with lids, so I figured this would be a wise investment.

While I was there, I went down the dried fruit aisle. Every morning for breakfast, I usually throw a handful of dried cranberries into my oatmeal, along with some toasted pecans. No more grocery trips = no more cranberries and pecans. (Unless I buy the pecans from my friend in New Mexico who has an itty bitty pecan farm, but she doesn't have any pecans for sale at the moment.)

Long story short, I wound up buying half a dozen bags of cranberries and a few bags of pecans. Cost: $17. How long will they last me? I don't know. Hopefully, long enough to wean myself off the habit of eating pecans and cranberries on my oatmeal every morning.

Tom will probably flip out when he sees that I've hoarded these items, but I sort of feel like I need to hold on to something during the beginning of this experiment.

T-minus 48 hours until we begin...

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