Wednesday, May 09, 2012


So, after my metrics meeting, I picked up The Dirty Life again and read a few more chapters. And now I'm starting to panic. This morning, Mona said that there's a lot of meat that comes from this CSA. And in the book, Kristin talks about eating things like beef heart, scrapple, livers, and kidney.

I've never been a fan of organ meat, even before my digestive system and my gallbladder decided to rebel. And now we're going to spend our grocery money on a diet that consists of largely meat? Am I fucking crazy?

We'll have to see after this Friday's pickup at the farm. I don't know if I'm starting to get cold feet or what. Now I'm starting to panic.

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Vimala said...

Jen I truly admire this quest you are on with your family...and I ordered this book because of your review!

All I can say is, don't panic! You haven't signed up for the whole year yet, this is just a trial! And from the litle bit of the book that I read online, it sounds like the Author was a liver hating vegetarian before she tasted the farm fresh meats and veggies!

Give it a chance, if you hate it, don't eat it! You don't have to commit to anything that you don't like! But I really think the important part of this whole thing is that you are making a conscious effort to make positive changes for your family and your community...and that's awesome!