Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning

And I am so not into things. Went to sleep late last night because I was working on some brilliant, killer ideas I had. Woke up after only a few hours of sleep due to a graphic, full-color, horrific nightmare. (I swear, if I could write these up as horror movies and sell them to Hollywood producers, we'd be millionaires by now.) Dragged myself out of bed to hear Colden say, "Mommy, there's a MUSHROOM in my pull-up!", which meant, of course, that he FINALLY pooped - after holding it in for 8 days and repeated doses of stool softener/laxative.

Got Colden off to preschool, came home and made myself a nice, warm breakfast, and then called the pediatrician to find out what else we can do to prevent Colden from holding his poop in for a week at a time. Then called the insurance company to find out why the hell they paid my most recent claim to Adirondack Medical Center when the doctor that I saw has nothing to do with AMC.

The internet connection has been wonky here at the house this morning, too, adding to my frustrations.

Now I'm trying to get into the swing of things at work - deadlines, etc., - and thinking about my upcoming farmer's market season. I really need to get back to the markets this year. I have a ton of inventory sitting around, collecting dust (although I'd really like to keep half of it for myself), and I think we could use the extra money this summer with all the projects we have going on. (We need a new, bigger tiller for the gardens. I have a car payment now. We have Colden's preschool to pay for now.)

The first thing I need to do is get some new packaging and a new stack of business cards. I need to wash the table coverings and get a few new displays. I need to figure out my schedule for the summer and send in my membership fee to the market. I also need to round out my inventory a bit with a few new pieces - in all my spare time, of course.

On the recommendation of Michelle Mach, I've been reading this book called Creating Time.

It's actually a great book, full of useful ideas and exercises, but boy, it is NOT an easy read. It's slow going, which is a bit frustrating for me right now, being the excitable little grasshopper that I am...

At any rate. I need to get down to the post office quickly and check the mail, and then get into my first newsletters of the day. Lots of stuff to write, lots of beading to do, and lots of great things on the horizon! I need to find some energy from somewhere for today and just hope that Colden will allow Tom to do bedtime tonight so that I can get some rest!

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