Wednesday, May 02, 2012

One Year

One year ago today, I walked into the offices at Interweave Press in Loveland, Colorado and straight into the Job of My Dreams. For real. I regret that I didn't take too many pictures of my time in Colorado during that first week of orientation, but the memories are still as fresh as they were when I got home a few days later.

Since then, I have been having such an awesome time at Beading Daily: beading, writing, putting my statistical analysis skills to good use, and just generally getting to do a whole lot of cool, cool stuff. So this morning, to celebrate, I started off with an early morning hair appointment.

Purple! My hair is now purple! I've never, ever dyed my hair before. And now I have. And it's purple, and I love it.

Colden smiled when I picked him up at lunchtime from preschool, and he called out to his friend, "Hey, Cooper, come look at my mom's hair!" So freaking cute!

I love the color. Love it, love it, love it. I've never thought that I'd be daring enough to do something like this, but hey - I'm almost 38. And why the heck not? Holly at River Rock Salon is an amazing hair and makeup artist, and I put myself entirely in her hands and trusted her completely. She mixed two colors together to get this wonderful shade of purple, highlighted my natural deep brown, and let my grey hair take up a lot of the color. That woman totally knows what she's doing!

So, to add one more thing to my pile of "to do" items...

A photo and a blog post every day - why not, right?

I hope I'm not cheating, but I'll use today's new-hair-coloring photograph as #1 and #2 on the list. A new self-portrait, with my Favorite Color of the Moment: purple.

Colden always asks what my favorite color is, and it's hard for me to answer with just one! I love so many different shades of brown, pink, purple, green, and blue... They're all wonderful in their own way, and it's hard for me to choose one, unless it happens to be the one that I'm using at the moment.

Tomorrow's photo will be a little more difficult, but I think I can find something. For now, back to work!

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