Monday, August 16, 2010

Finding a Good Home

Well, it was a crazy day at the farmers' market yesterday. When I arrived at 8:30 to start setting up, the wind was already tearing through the valley. I guessed that some of those gusts were pushing 35mph or more. The canopies on the tents were flying right and left. Anything that was rubber-banded together, under a rock, or glued down was being knocked about in the wind. The woman who had originally started to set up next to me was selling stationary and paper goods - her metal racks were falling down, her inventory was being scattered everywhere, and she finally decided to pack it in at 9:45. (The market opens at 9:30.)

We kept seeing these dark gray clouds to the south, blowing over the mountains. We all kept waiting - hoping that once the rain came, the wind would stop. But the rain never actually got there. Just those dark, gray, threatening clouds and lots and lots of wind.

Early on in the day, a young woman came by my booth and was absolutely in awe of my piece, "A Distant Star System". I originally made this piece for a science fiction art show, and it used some of my best black onyx and carnelian cabochons, with some little 4mm amethyst rondelles. Well, this young woman came and tried it on and she was wearing a little black dress - and with her dress and her coloring, she totally rocked this pendant.

What I didn't realize was that she was another jewelry vendor at the market! She makes some incredible recycled and up-cycled jewelry - I'll have to post a link after I find her business card. She came back at the end of the day and told me that she had had a good day at the market, and she decided to buy the necklace as a 30th birthday present for herself. Good choice!

Now the race is on for my next show - I decided, at the last minute, to do the Lake Placid Center for the Arts' "Salute to the Arts" day and market this Wednesday. It will be great if I have a few sales - but now I have to stitch up a quick couple of necklaces and finish a couple of bracelets to replace what sold at the farmers' market yesterday. Could be worse - if I can't make enough to keep my table from looking empty, I'll just work on my custom orders and skip the market on Sunday!

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Carol Dean said...

Looks like your gorgeous necklace found an excellent home! :D yay! (I always think it's extra special when a fellow jewelry artist lusts after your work. ;O)