Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Day Has Gone Like This:

I was going to write this nice blog post about the farmers' market this weekend, but I have been so stressed out today, I just need to vent. Anyone who is a work-at-home mom or a stay-at-home mom, I know you've had days like this:

  • Woke up way too early, but couldn't fall back to sleep. Figured I might as well get up and going, so got up and went.
  • Colden woke up and wanted waffles, again. No problem. I made some waffles for us. He ate about four bites and then decided that he had had enough. Cleared off the breakfast dishes and sat down to get some work done. "Beads!" Then, "Piggyback!" Numerous requests for juice and milk, which was okay, since it's about 90 degrees and humid again today. Numerous diaper changes. Huge, smelly poop in Colden's diaper less than five minutes after a diaper change.
  • Colden takes a small Ziploc baggie of small cabochons and empties it onto the beading mat he's put on the floor under the dining room table. Then he dances in them. Cabochons are flung into every corner of the house.
  • Finally decide to have pizza for lunch - have to go to the store for cheese and sauce, but that's okay. It will get us out of the house for a few minutes. Put on shoes and get buckled into the car.
  • Two minutes before we reach grocery store, Colden falls asleep. Really asleep. Eyes closed, hands limp kind of sleep. Make u-turn and go back home. Remove sleeping child's sandals and unbuckle car seat. Sleeping child opens eyes for a second when I remove him from car seat, but he snuggles into my shoulder and I think he will go back to sleep. I am wrong.
  • Colden lies in bed and asks for a cup of milk. Give him milk. Asks for blanky. Give him blanky. Asks me to lie down with him. I lie down with him. Colden finishes milk. Colden opens eyes wide and starts giggling.
  • At this point, very hard not to lose my shit and start throwing things. Go back to store and end up buying pizza fixings, Nutella, chickpeas, crackers and tahini. Get home and realize do not have any tin foil to cover pizza pan and no olive oil to make hummus.
  • Call from doctor's office regarding my hCg levels: levels are going down, which is good, but they are at 7. Need to be at 5 before they are considered normal. Need "one more" blood test next week. (This is, oh, fourth time I have heard, "One more blood test". Veins in arms cry whenever I go to Plattsurgh.)
  • Come home and make pizza. Colden doesn't want pizza - takes box of waffles out of chest freezer. Make Colden a waffle. Eats two bites and doesn't want any more. I have 1/4 of pizza that I have just made. (Too much pizza.)
  • Pile of work is still sitting where I left it this morning when diaper changes and piggyback started.
  • Colden asks for milk. Give him more milk. Moose eats remainder of Colden's waffle and tries to eat fork as well. Wrestle kiddie fork out of dog's mouth.
  • Realize that dishes are still piled up in sink, where they will remain until either Tom washes them or a miracle occurs and they wash themselves.
  • Hang laundry from this morning outside to dry, thinking maybe Colden and Moose will run around a bit. Moose runs into neighbor's yard. Drag Moose back. Moose runs towards street. Drag Moose back. Finally give up on hanging laundry and lock Moose on back porch while hanging laundry.
As of right now, I have given up on doing anything that resembles work. I am going to just clean the dishes and kitchen and wait until Tom has come home, showered and changed before I sit down and try to get anything accomplished. It's just been one of those days...

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