Monday, August 09, 2010

So Much Beady Goodness!

It was a crazy weekend. First, I set up at the annual Jay Day community celebration sponsored by the Jay Entertainment and Music Society. I didn't expect to make any sales, but I figured since it was right down the hill from me on the Jay Green, I might as well. Then on Sunday, I FINALLY got set up at the Keene farmers' market in Keene Valley. That was a great day, too, and I'll write more on that tomorrow, but for now, this is what was in my post office box this morning...

This silky, soft, beautiful lariat from Sand Fibers! I won this piece in a giveaway that Carol Dean Sharpe had on her blog to celebrate her 1,500th sale on Etsy! (I had hoped that it would have been there on Saturday, but Saturday is such a weird day for our little rural post office, since they close at 11:00 a.m., and mail doesn't really get put into the boxes until Monday morning, anyway.)

And then there was another package stuffed full of beads for me from Laura McCabe's eBay store:

Four big sandwich bags stuffed full of Czech beads, each in a different color palette; a few bags of some funky peach and gold Czech glass beads; and a huge hank of black and silver peacock "petal" beads. (Wait 'till you see what I do with THOSE!)

Lots more to write about, but it will all just have to wait until later this week. I have finished the bezel for Catherine of Aragon; I taught two bead classes at JEMS; and I'll share everything about my first farmers' market of the season!

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