Sunday, August 22, 2010

Start the Music from "Mission Impossible"...

That's what I'm going to listen to all week, because I've got a ton of work to do and a very limited amount of time in which to do it!

I went to the farmers' market this morning in the pouring rain. When I got there, I debated just turning around and going home - I had Colden with me, it was cold and gray and raining - but at the last minute, I just decided to set up and see what happened.

Colden was such a good kid! He wore his raincoat, we walked up and down the market a couple of times, and then he started dancing to the live music that was being played by a two-man-band down at our end of the market. After Tom came and got him, I got four more cabochons bezeled and glued to Ultrasuede, so that's what I'll be finishing the rest of this week!

This Saturday, the 28th of August, is the annual High Peaks Art & Antique Show at Marcy Field (where the farmers' market is held), and I need to replenish the inventory that has been selling so well this summer. It's a big show - it literally takes up the entire airfield - and I've always done very well there, so I want to make sure that my tables don't look quite as empty as they looked this morning.

So this week, before Saturday, I want to finish the four cabochons (plus the other three that I have had sitting on my work pad), make three more Venus necklaces in different colors (I am consistently selling those every single week at the markets), and get a couple of new beading project tutorials done for

It is most definitely going to be a challenge. But I can do it, oh, yes I can!

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