Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I am Going to Make a Deadline for Once in My Life!

Wow! I decided that this month, I was absolutely positively going to make the deadline for the Etsy Beadweavers' Challenge - the theme is "Silver and Gold", and the idea is to try to make a piece of beaded jewelry that resembles more traditional fine jewelry.

This is what my piece looked like last night:

And today, while Colden was busy amusing himself with his toy cars and his bubble machine, I managed to get the Swarovski stone attached to the pearl strap and the crystal rounds stitched on as embellishment. I started the clasp while he was taking his nap, but didn't get a chance to finish it - but I will when I get home this evening.

I have absolutely no idea what to call this piece, but I'm thinking about it. It was inspired by the Renaissance and the opulent jewelry worn by the wealthy and the privileged of that period. The gems, the pearls, the gold - all of which make a feast for my eyes when looking at the portraits from the 1500s and 1600s.

Once that piece is done, I am going to start working on some of the other unfinished pieces I have sitting on my work table. I actually decided to declare this month "UFO Month" on the Beadwork site, hoping I could inspire other beaders to pick up an old UFO and finish it!

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