Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Camera

So, oh, wow, a few weeks ago, I decided to upgrade my camera from my little Nikon point-n-shoot (which has served me extremely well for the last two summers!) to a new-to-me digital SLR - a Pentax *ist digital SLR with a real macro lens.

When the camera arrived, it had no batteries, so I spent an agonizing week waiting for the batteries. (No one around here sells them, so it was mail order through the internet again!) And then once the batteries and the charger came yesterday, I discovered that the charger only charged one battery at a time. So it took me all day to get the batteries charged. And then finally everything started working!

I'm still sorta getting the hang of it, but I had to get a picture of this spider in the backyard yesterday afternoon. It was huge - about the size of my thumb - and was very busy building a web in between some of the weeds and wildflowers in the spiral maze that Tom cuts in the backyard every year.

And then I got this shot of the pole barn/chicken coop, with our humongous wood pile, the canoe, the tractor... And Colden in his little yellow raincoat, pushing his wheelbarrow up towards the chickens...

It amazes me what a difference a good camera can make!

I feel like I'm starting to see things differently... Almost like I've been bitten by the same photography bug that bit my mother once she moved to Texas and started taking pictures of the birds and the gators, snakes and spiders.

I haven't had a heck of a lot of time to do much else today. Colden has come down with the congestion that I've been dealing with since last weekend, and the poor little guy is just miserable. He didn't want to eat any lunch, but he had something to drink, and now he's taking a little nap. Nothing like walking around with a crying 40-lb toddler in your arms when he's begging you for something and you have no idea what the heck it is!

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