Sunday, September 12, 2010

Starting to Feel Like Fall Today

It was cold at the farmers' market today. Cold and wet and rainy and windy. It probably wasn't the smartest thing for me to go and sit outside today, since I still need to blow my nose every thirty seconds and I'm still coughing like I have the plague, but I went. Tom and Colden went out to Lake Clear so Tom could help his friend hand tree stands (in preparation for deer season) and Colden had a bit of a play date with Alice.

I came home, chilled to the bone, without a single sale. A little depressing, but a plate of hot mac 'n' cheese helped.

And even if I didn't make any sales, I did manage to get a spiral rope finished. I've been dreaming about doing a series of pieces using embellished spiral ropes, ever since I finished that brown piece last week.

They are so much fun, and they work up a lot faster than I had thought. This is about 3 hours so far, and that's including the time to stitch up the rope.

I'm waiting on an order of clasps from Artbeads, and I'm really hoping they arrive tomorrow. I've got three large pieces sitting on my work table, just WAITING for a clasp. I ran out of "good" clasps, and I decided to try some new styles. So I've got toggles, s-clasps and hook and eye clasps coming, all in some really cool metals - antique gold, antique brass, copper, silver and gunmetal. Oooooo...

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